Follow these spotting directions:

• Blot up as much of the urine as possible. Do not scrub. When you think you have as much of it up as possible, blot the area again using a towel soaked in warm water. Be careful not to get the area too wet—you may force the urine deeper. Blot the area again with a dry towel.

• Next, apply a low-residue carpet spot remover, let sit for 60 seconds and again blot the spot.

• Finally, fold a dry towel to several layers, place over the spot and apply at least 10 pounds of weight. Let it sit overnight. When you remove the towel, fluff the carpet up and allow to dry. If the spot returns after a few days, repeat the last two steps.

After the carpet dries, stick your nose down to the carpet and give it a good whiff. Any odor? If so, please be very careful what you use. Most store-bought deodorizers only work in mild odor situations. Don’t over-use them, you may do more harm than good.

Please give us a call us if you need any help!

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