Earth Day

Greetings! We wanted to invite you to join us this Saturday, April 21 to Roseville’s 5th annual Celebrate the Earth Festival. It is located at Mahany Park (corner of Woodcreek Oaks and Pleasant Grove) and starts at 10 am and goes to 4 pm.   My wife, Staci and I will be manning the Eco Choice booth and would love for you to swing by and say hi! While you’re there you can enter to win our big give away:   an entire

The Slightly Disgusting Truth About Carpeting

True or False: “If my carpet LOOKS clean it IS clean”. Answer: False. Think about that answer for a moment. What it would be like if you were to lay one of your shirts on the carpet for about six months.  You walked on it, ate over it and accidentally dropped food on it.  Many different people sat on it and put their hands and feet on it.  Your pet might even have had an accident on the

Allergies Got You Down?

Greetings! I hope you are having a great spring. For me, spring time is always a mixed bag. I’m happy because this is the start of my busy season. On the other hand, I’m miserable due to the start of another season….allergy season! Thankfully, there is something that can help…. Did you know that getting your carpets cleaned greatly improves the quality of your indoor air? Carpet is great because it acts as a whole-house filter as it traps pollen, dust and

This Ain’t No April Fools Joke!

Like I said, what you are about to read is NO joke! The time has come again for me to give away an entire home of the “Most Thorough Green Carpet Cleaning” in town, for ABSOLUTELY FREE! I only do this once a year so don’t miss out on your chance to enter the drawing. Just swing by our booth at the 2011 Celebrate the Earth Festival. The event is being held in Mahany Park, 1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Roseville on

How Embarrassing!

Hi there! I hope 2011 is treating you well so far. Can you believe how fast January has flown by already? It seams like each year is flying by faster and faster. At least in our house, anyway. (With 2 small kids, 2 cats and a dog to keep us busy!) Now on to the embarrassing part….embarrassing that I never thought of this before…. Well, I wanted to let you in on something. You may or may not know this but we

Chocoloate Chip Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies

So, my wife and I were craving cookies this weekend. We couldn’t decide between making chocolate chip or peanut butter. Then I had this great idea and told my wife “Why not have the best of both!” So, we slightly altered our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and “Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies” were born! Some friends came over, tried them, and fell in love. We hope you will too! p.s. If you’re thinking of getting your carpets cleaned, scroll

Don’t Be A Victim Of Bait & Switch

Last Fall, the ABC News show 20/20 aired a feature story on a carpet cleaning scam that many un-ethical companies employ – bait and switch advertising. These companies advertise ridiculously low prices for their services. (the bait) Typically, once they are in your home, they tell you that the advertised price is for “basic water cleaning only,” which will not do a satisfactory cleaning job. They then pressure you into buying a whole list of add-on services, (the switch) often

It’s Giveaway Time!

How would you like to win a $100 giftcard to Westfield Shopping Centers? You can use it at the Galleria or Downtown Plaza. Get yourself that special something you’ve been wanting! Here’s how it works: For each thing you do, you get one entry into our giveaway. So do as many as you can for more chances to win! -Leave a comment on our blog -Become a public Follower of our blog -Follow us on Twitter -Like us on Facebook -Leave a comment

Pet Accident?

Follow these spotting directions: • Blot up as much of the urine as possible. Do not scrub. When you think you have as much of it up as possible, blot the area again using a towel soaked in warm water. Be careful not to get the area too wet—you may force the urine deeper. Blot the area again with a dry towel. • Next, apply a low-residue carpet spot remover, let sit for 60 seconds and again blot the spot. • Finally, fold

Carpets Effect on Allergies:

Don’t Toss Them…Their Awesome! Spring has finally sprung and along with that come lots of Allergies for a lot of us in the Roseville area. The science of indoor air quality is very interesting and relatively new. In the past, the focus was on the quality of the outside air and the interest was in lowering emissions of all types into the air. But, as we now spend more time indoors – an average of 90% of our time – indoor air