Greetings! I hope you are having a great spring. For me, spring time is always a mixed bag. I’m happy because this is the start of my busy season. On the other hand, I’m miserable due to the start of another season….allergy season!

Thankfully, there is something that can help….

Did you know that getting your carpets cleaned greatly improves the quality of your indoor air? Carpet is great because it acts as a whole-house filter as it traps pollen, dust and pollutants that we track in through out the year. Once it gets “full”, however, every step you take on it releases those pollutants back in to the air.
I just got done cleaning mine and not only am I enjoying the fluffy, bright look and feel of freshly cleaned carpet, but breathing easier knowing those pollens and pollutants have been rinsed free!
If you are an allergy sufferer like me or just want to have healthier indoor air, take a look at this month’s special…

Schedule Your Carpets to be Cleaned before June 30th and Get Your Traffic Areas Touched-Up in Six Months…. for FREE!*
So, have me out this month and I’ll return in November or December, 2011 and spend one hour sprucing up your highest traffic areas. You’re getting a service valued at $99 absolutely free!
If you don’t think you can use this offer, feel free to tell a friend who can.
Here’s to better indoor air and a happy, healthy spring!

Nick Cohen – owner, Ecosafe
*Initial cleaning must be preformed by June 30th and must be three or more areas. Some restrictions apply

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